Thai wedding

Thai wedding
Khanmark  Procession
The groom leads the procession walks foollowed by his parents,
family and friends.  The groom has to cross symbolic doors before
entering in to the bride ‘s house.

In traditional Thai weddings, the groom shall cross two gates called
“silver gate” and “gold gate”. To open the gate, the groom must give a gift, some money to the gate keepper.

To ask for the bride ‘s hand from her parent
The groom ‘s representative requests the bride ‘s hand to the father (พิธีสู่ขอ) These are about money and gift to be given to the family.

Bride ‘s parents will call the bride to ask for her consent.

Engagement Process
If both paries agreed, it will come to engagement proess.

Bide and Groom will exchange wedding rings.

After engagement process. Birde and groom will give “Wai” to their parents and older relative to show their respect.

Their parents will give bride and groom some money and the couple will give some gift in exchange.

Religious ceremonies
During this wedding ceremony nine monks are invited. The newly weds are near an altar, which is close to the first monk. A sacred thread joins the heads of both groom and bride and then unroll into the monks hands.

Near the first monk there is a bowl with a candle and water inside. This is used as holy water for Rod Nam Sang

Bride and Groom will put food in the bowls of Buddhist priests.

After that. Nine trays are placed in front of the monks. Each trays contains severl small dishes. After prayers are over, the newly weds give an envelope to each monk. The envelopes contain money. Then monks eat and when meal is over they go back to the temple. Religious ceremonies are now over

Rod Nam Sang
the traditional wedding customs will be followed. It is called ROD-NAM-SANG, and is the main event where both the bride and the bridegroom ‘s family get together. They witness this important event . Both the bridge and the bridegroom will sit  close together on the floor (or small stage) with their  hands held in WAI style. The most senior person will act as the leader of the event. He or she will start to soak the couple ‘s hands in water and wish them good luck. The water is contained in a conch shell container (ROD is soak, NAM is water and SANG is conch shell ) Then the parents and others will do the same. Usually ,only selected people like close friends. and close relatives will be invited to the ROD-NAM-SANG event

Please do not dress in BLACK colours (Dress and necktie). For Thais, the black colour is reserved for a sad event like a funeral. I have heard many Thais complained about foreigners wearing black dress to a wedding ceremony and it is a sign of bad luck to the bride and the groom.


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